Hi, I’m Ben.

I’m a researcher, author, and speaker living in Huntsville, AL. I am professionally curious, deeply passionate about HR and business, and terribly awful at remembering names.

Early on

I knew I wanted to be in HR when I was a kid–I just didn’t know what it was called! I watched my parents’ small business and other organizations deal with issues like hiring, training, and keeping employees, and I dedicated my life early to helping solve those problems by making the workplace a more human place.

I got my degree in HR, worked in the field for several years, and loved every minute of it. But when I had a chance to transition to research, I leapt at the opportunity to make a bigger impact on the profession I love.


These days I write books, speak, and run the research team at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, a firm that seeks to uncover key ideas and trends in HR, technology, innovation, and more. I speak often on HR technology, adaptability, culture, and other cutting-edge HR topics.

In addition, my team and I host several events a year dedicated to helping HR practitioners stay on top of the things they need to know, such as HR Summer School.